Kootenay’s Yoga & Thai Massage


Yoga as been the common thread in my life since 2000. I have open a studio in Montreal and start teaching immediately after my first yoga teacher training in 2004 and have been teaching since them.

I creates safe and sacred space to assist healing the body, heart and mind. I like to talk about deep concept in a light way! Focusing on therapeutic yoga I uses symbols to access the inner voice of the Higher Self that lives within each of us.

Classes are built in an progressive way starting with simple positions and adding variations to accommodate all levels and ages. Offering lots of freedom to explore each posture and suggestions of alignment combine with visualization to empower each participant to make their own choices.


I have been attending Melina’s yoga classes for many years. What I have learned through her wise andintuitive teaching is an honoring of my body and to listen deeply to what it has to say. She is able to guide me through the asanas in a way that is rich with metaphor while she respects and allows for varying bodily physiology – creating a sacred space that I have always felt welcome and safe to explore physically, mentally and spiritually. She is a yoga teacher that truly understands that yoga is not just about the poses but a unique exploratory experience of who we really are. I keep going back to her classes for that authentic uplifting she is so capable of supporting and guiding in another person. Melina is a rare gem –  she deeply honors yogic traditions while adding her own exuberant and caring style.

Private or semi-private session

I get really exited about working one on one. Founding way to adaption posture to respond to the need of your body. Finding a series of posture to help your bodies- physical, emotional and spiritual to function a there ultimate potential. To achieve this I may incorporate tinning fork, Thai-Yoga-Massage, meditation to our session.

1 hour session $100
1.5 hours session $140

Yoga mats, yoga blocks and blankets included.

Host a special event class

You want to host a special event for your friends, family, business or association. I am happy to craft a class curated specifically for your group.  Get in touch with me to book an appointment and set the intention of your group.

5 participants or less
1 hour session $100
1.5 hours session $140
add $5 par additional participants.

Yoga mats, yoga blocks and blankets included.


I was initially hesitant to offer yoga classes to my Gr. 7, 8 and 9 P.E. students. However, with Melina’s instruction and ability to hold them in a firm and loving way was exactly what we all needed. I am extremely grateful to Melina for the calming and mindfulness techniques she shared with my students.
Shannon Lanaway

Weekly Yoga Classes- Schedule

My classes are inspired by many yogic traditions – Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Non dualist, Somatic yoga, with breathing, meditation and relaxation. I also integrate elements from Feldenchris, tai chi, karate, shiatsu, Ayurveda, referring often to the nature and the 5 elements. Weaving yoga posture, breath awareness, reflections, visualization, energy cleansing and balancing, grounding meditation and powerful relaxation.

What to expect in my class… get ready for every thing. That being said know that you will always be treated with respect, always asked to listen to your body. I creating a safe, inclusive space for all to explore what needs to be experienced and reviled. You will be ask many question , in the context of a posture– How do I stand? What do I have to offer? What am I saying Yes to today?… . Those question are just for you. For your mind to observe and get some insight and awareness about where you are now in your life and where you want to go.

Yoga mats, yoga blocks and blankets included.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Wednesday 10-11:30am

Ongoing year round

Boswell Hall, 12374 Boswell Rd, Boswell

Dates are coming

Sliding scale $12 to $25

Riondel Campground- Basketball court

Testimonial - weekly Classes

Yoga with Melina takes my body and soul to level of peace, flexibility & strength that remains unparalleled.  Her ability to facilitate grounding and connection to earth’s directions through movement, voice and much laughter, is an experience I’ve not encountered in big city yoga.  Looking forward to Wednesday morning yoga at the Boswell hall with her & a community of women is an understatement of the sweetest kind. 

-Robin Flannagan 

… Each class is a unique presentation which is in tune with the weather, the news, the seasons and even the mood of the group.  She conducts an all-level class, but each participant feels the class has been personally designed specifically for her.  I believe her best attribute is her ability to gently encourage us to stretch our limits.  And her guided meditation to close the class feels like it locks in the benefits.  My life has been enriched by Yoga, but even more by my acquaintance with Melina.

As a newcomer to the Yoga practice I have really enjoyed Melina’s Hatha Yoga sessions.It’s been over 35 years since my last class and the calm and focus came back easily! I deal with hip pain but had no problem following Melina’s poses… Melina incorporates eastern spiritual traditions and guided visualization into her classes along with meditation. The experience helped me to be present, calm my mind and work on both flexibility and balance. Melina and her partner Geoffroy are warm, compassionate, easy going people and each class feels like a learning experience. 

Brent Stoll